WOWee ONE touched by a spontaneous testimonial

WOWee ONE recently received a touching testimonial accompanied by a very sweet photo..Good opportunity to pay tribute to all our users all around the world for whom WOWee ONE exist and work hard to improve their quality of life.

“My name is Dugal H, Age 72 and I have been a “High Country Farmer on the South Island of NewZealand for many years at ********* Station.  Recently, I was given a Wowee One as a gift.  Just unreal how this has improved the quality of my life.  Spending years chasing a mobs of  Marino sheep up and down the Southern Alps of New Zealand and talking primarily to my dog Bounce!  This new high quality speaker makes my down time much more enjoyable in the high country.  All I do is plug this compact, pre charged, 20 hours of play time speaker into my iPhone and the hours of quality enjoyment are just endless listening to Classical Music (my love) often looking at the snow capped Southern Alps of New Zealand.

Please feel free to stop in and take a hike with anytime.”

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