WOWee ONE Tip#1 : The Gel Pads

If you have a WOWee ONE speaker, you have probably tried it on a window and realised it sticks for a few seconds before it falls off and you suddenly the demonstration you’re offering to your friends or family suddenly looks less cool..

We know how tempting it is to want to stick the wowee on vertical surfaces but it is not meant to stick “naturally”, which is why we keep telling you about the “Gel Pads“.

They are YOUR solution to make it stick to vertical surfaces while maintaining the bass sound system. Enough talking, check this video out, showing you exactly how to use them!

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4 Responses to WOWee ONE Tip#1 : The Gel Pads

  1. Mech says:

    I just bought my Wowee today. It’s definitely a mind-blowing experience but I found that I’ve had to turn up the volume considerably in order to get the most out of it. It doesn’t work too well on glass or wood tables but work great on my apartment walls! Now I’m gonna have to buy one of these Gel Pads but I’m wondering, will the unit stick securely to the pad? Will the pad be removable without peeling paint off the walls?

    – Mech

    • woweeone says:

      Hi Mech, the pad might remove a bit of paint of the wall we’re afraid. If you carry on experiencing different surfaces you will notice that it works incredibly well on wood or glass when the surface is not too thick or when it is a closed surface like a cupboard, a box and even toilet seats or oven glass window..:)

  2. Susan says:

    My wowee is over a year old and the bass just is not happening any more at all…please help me restore my sound to what I love about the wowee!

    • woweeone says:

      Dear Susan,
      We are very happy to exchange your WOWee against a brad new unit. We are going to send you an email with the details for you to send back the unit.

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