WOWee ONE Toy Soldiers – Exclusive interview with Nick Franco

If you are a WOWee ONE fan, you have probably checked out the latest video we released on our online channels called “WOWee ONE Toy Soliders” (If not, it’s not too late)

We got an exclusive interview for you to tell you about the person behind this video, his name is Nick Franco and here is what he kindly replied to our questions:

Nick Franco answers re: WOWee ONE Toy Soldiers…

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

“I am a filmmaker and producer who founded 1185films in 2003.”

When did you first hear about WOWee ONE speakers?

“A friend of mine came over and he was really excited about his new speaker and he kept putting it on every surface to see how different it would sound.”

How did you first come across a WOWee ONE speaker in action?

“When I got hold of one I started playing with it and started experimenting with it in many different ways to see how I could get different sounds out of it and what would give the best bass noise. I tried it on glass, tins, pots, bin lids… it was great fun.”

How did you come up with the Toy Soldier idea?

“It was by accident actually. While my friend and I were playing with the speaker we put it on a piece of glass, we put a coin next to it and the coin vibrated and moved and we kind of developed it from there. We thought “what else can we get to move?”, and we came across a toy soldier and we thought “this could be really good fun”.

What was your first reaction?

“We just thought it was fun you know. The soldiers were dancing to the music and we kind of thought that men with guns being forced to dance was quite funny.”

What is your favourite surface to play it on?

“Putting a tin pan over your head, putting a WOWee speaker on top of the pan and then you get surround-sound stereo in the pan. I’ve got a photo of that.”

What is the most impressive song you played on it?

“Aphex Twin Come to Daddy.”

If you could go anywhere in the world to experience the sound the WOWee ONE would make on a famous surface/monument etc. where would you go?

“I’d go to the airplane graveyard in Texas and play it on the different surfaces there.”

If you could introduce anybody to the WOWee ONE speaker, who would this person be? and Why?

“My mate Dave because he needs a bit of bounce in his life.”


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